Wednesday, October 27, 2010


snow in october plus staying up all night doing math homework equals one sick hanna. sore throat, sneezing, headache, runny nose...the works. i wish it were possible to take a day off! but no can do. provo better stay clear cuz there's no stopping me people. i figure since it's halloween i have more of an excuse to look half dead everyday this week. right? but at least my phone isn't janky anymore! after four trips to the mall i finally purchased a new one :).

ps. nine days left. also, since when is saying "I'm jealous" the same thing as saying "I'm happy for you?" Isn't that contradictory? i know that i have said that a million times without meaning it, and i will try to stop. Because really? it doesn't sound meaningful and it's slightly annoying and selfish.


  1. 9 days?? Are you joshin me???? Holy Hanna....I'm happy for you. And I'm just gunna say it, I'm jealous too. But mostly happy!! Gotta let me know how everything goes! XO

  2. whit, it doesn't bother me a SMIDGE when you say it :). it's just when people leave out the happy part haha