Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Memory of Elder Mckay Choy Burrows

My prayers go out to friends and family of Mckay Burrows (and the family of his companion Elder Davis). I hope that they will find peace and comfort in their great loss. I was in shock when I found out earlier; I couldn't believe it. Mckay was a good friend. I only knew him for a year, but we had many good memories in that short period of time. He was very funny, talented, and he was a good listener. He always tried to seem like the "tough guy," but really he was a softie and was always there if i needed to talk. I'm sure he was an exellent missionary out in Bucharest, Romania. We will miss you, Mckay.
Shortly after saying goodbye to Mckay in person,
he sent me a goodbye text before leaving on his mission.
I still have it saved in my phone:
Mckakes: "Ha oh man. I'm gonna miss you chica. One of the few cool girls i know."
BYU vs Utah Basketball 2009.
We had a tent saving our spot in line for the game.
We set it up Wednesday and took shifts staying in it until the actual game
which was on Saturday.
Yes, we had front row seats.
Halloween 2008.
Mckay definitely had the best costume of all time.
I was a dark tinkerbell.
Saying goodbye to Mckay and some of the other boys.
April 2009.
Watching Elf in Christmas PJs.
November 2008.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i am


and in miss.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

incredible gangster

dear crappy phone connection,
this is why i don't completely hate you:

Nate: you are a terrible prankster!
Hanna: Yesss. (Thinking he said Incredible Gangster)

the end