Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is my phone.

I've had it since freshman year. That's not too bad, right? I love my phone. It's blue. It's cute. I can text, call, take pictures. That's all i care about. That's all i need.
Despite my attatchment to this piece of technology, my phone is janky. It turns off all the time (sometimes for days at a time), the charger doesn't work, the camera has been broken for months--it's janky. I have to admit, i do drop my phone. a lot. But i HAVE had it for two years. If it's still functional that says something. right?
Despite months and months of avoiding the verizon store, i have accepted the fact that it is time for a new phone. Earlier this week i went to get one, but things didn't work out. they didn't have my model anymore. it had retired. i had to pick a new one. one with a required internet bill once a month, a "smart phone." ugh. i'm still getting a new phone, it's just taking a little longer than expected.
i was content with my decision. i was ready to let go of the light blue chocolate that stood through my toughest college experiences.
And THEN something happened. today (no lie) somebody told me not to expect to get asked on dates if i had a flip phone. They said I couldn't compete in the dating market unless i accepted new innovations. Am i not allowed to enjoy the simplicity of the 12 button text pad? Must i conform to this keypad/touch screen generation? Must i??
i mean, i had every intention to do so in the next few days. but now that i know my dating life depends on it, i am having second thoughts. the last vibe i want to give off is that i label my self-worth by my material belongings. and the last man i would want to attract is one who judges me based on something as meaningless as a cell phone.

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