Thursday, October 21, 2010

can't a girl just be homesick?

i made a very last minute decision to go home this weekend. my family didn't respond the way i thought they would. it was actually really funny. don't get me wrong, they are all very excited, but last night as i skyped my sister she asked me why i was coming home. apparently, it's been the topic of discussion back in the 707. heather guessed it was because chris was coming home. then she realized his family doesn't live in california anymore and he doesn't get home for two more weeks. my favorite guess was made by my grandma. she suggested that i was engaged and was flying back with my fiance to show the ring. HAHAHAHAHA. grandma, who on earth would i be engaged to right now? last i checked you had to be exclusively dating one person for that to happen. after several more ridiculous guesses, i told my family that i just miss them and i miss california. i spent a total of three weeks there all summer. that's not enough! and we won't be spending thanksgiving break in california so i won't be able to go back until christmas. that's just too long. plus, it's been a deeeem hard semester for me. i just want to get away. shoot dang, can't a girl be homesick for once? i want to snuggle with my baby brothers. i want to hang out with my sisters. i want to eat my momma's cookin. i want to beat my dad at scrabble. i want to play on our piano. i want to sit on the porch. i want to drive down green valley and watch the sunset. i just want HOME! let that be enough.


  1. i had that very same itch last weekend. and so... i went home.

    ... cept no one EVEN considered the fact that i might be engaged, so...

  2. Haha. I love going home to play the piano too. Sweet California, how I love you:)