Monday, January 23, 2012

the end

sort of.

obviously, blogging hasn't been on the top of my priority list for the past 8 months. i wanted to make a new blog for this new chapter in my life, but i have been ignoring the task. i finally did it, folks. This will be the last post here. i am abandoning it. i know soooo many people read this. but just in case you actually do...

join me in my new adventure with chris here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

exactly 5 years ago

i was 16. i went to my first prom with my seminary teacher's son. I really only knew of him from school and church...and because he lived down the street. After he asked me to prom we started hanging out a little more. It turned out he had a secret crush on me. Who knew? Now, three proms, one mission, and a few years of college later...we're getting married. crazy, right?

Monday, May 2, 2011


easter egg stash or easter egg stache?
personally, i went with the stache.
happy late easter!

So, winter semester was a blast....but there are no blogs to show for it. aye yaye yaye!
here are some highlights:

disco skating for haley's birthday

lots of studying/napping
getting engaged
BYU sports
festival of colors

going home
Cordelia's Got Talent
haydn break dancing
hunter shooting things off Chris's head
easter in california

somewhere in there Chris turned 22 and i turned 21. yay for april babies.
and now we're back for spring semester. i'm taking classes and he's working. we're planning for a wedding and living happy in the spring sun...well, we're hoping for the spring sun in this utah weather :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

he liked it, and he put a ring on it!!

It started with a little ring shopping (just to find out my size, of course). Then, i saw a ring i loved. All of a sudden we were at Goldsmith's Co. designing my ring and talking about marriage in every other conversation. We kind of lucked out since my future sister in law's brother works at Goldsmith and gave us the SWEET family discount.
Then I left the picture. I didn't want to know when Chris picked up the ring or anything. But, of course, I was on my toes for awhile ;). On Friday, March 18, we went out to Tucanos for dinner. Afterward, we went back to my apartment to watch the Notebook in the front room. The Notebook is the movie we watched 4 1/2 years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend in 2006. In the middle of the movie Chris had his friend text him. So, while we were cuddling and watching the movie, Chris says, "My phone just vibrated, can you get it for me?" I reached in his pocket to find a small, black, velvet box...definitely not his phone. Then Chris got on his knee, said a bunch of really cute things and proposed. I said yes. We were engaged. THEN, about five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Confused, I opened it to find Chris's friend, Thomas, dressed in delivery attire with a package for a "Miss--i mean--Mrs. Redfern." He had me sign for the box, congratulated us, and then left. Inside the box was a bunch of cute pictures, candies, and memories (in particular 30 'riesens' why he loves me). Now we are engaged and planning to get married in the Oakland Temple on August 5, 2011.
As you can see, today Lindsey took pictures of us and the ring after church just for fun. These aren't the official engagement photos even though they look legit. She's amazing. And now everyone can see!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

we are the champions, my friends

and that was on display in today's game.

(this one is better quality than the last clip i posted..try to find us!)
the flash mob dance in the second half was a lot of fun. chris and i are in the middle of that. in white. about 18th row on the left side of middle section.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

i realize...

that it has been nearly three months since my last post. i don't know why this seems to happen around this time of year. I just got too far behind and didn't know where to can ignore christmas, new years, the new semester, valentines day. and ignore all of the minor everyday things that go on in my life. at least for right now. i might post a few pictures later.

but this couldn't wait.
(we're really gangster)

i have the cutest little brothers in the world. A few months ago i got a letter from home that said Haydn wanted to marry me. Keep in mind he is five years old and doesn't quite have a complete understanding on marriage. What he does know is that you marry someone you love and you get to live with them forever. Obviously that means his cool older sister, right? When Hunter was younger he wanted to marry my mom. Now that he is a little older, he's moved on. But Haydn is still dreaming. Dialogue from earlier:

Mom: What if Hanna gets married to Chris?
Haydn: No! I want to marry her. Tell Chris he can't.
Mom: Are you getting her a ring?
Haydn: I want to get her a ring, but i don't know where they are...!

love it. i will be interested to see if he finds any rings.

Thursday, December 9, 2010