Friday, May 20, 2011

exactly 5 years ago

i was 16. i went to my first prom with my seminary teacher's son. I really only knew of him from school and church...and because he lived down the street. After he asked me to prom we started hanging out a little more. It turned out he had a secret crush on me. Who knew? Now, three proms, one mission, and a few years of college later...we're getting married. crazy, right?

Monday, May 2, 2011


easter egg stash or easter egg stache?
personally, i went with the stache.
happy late easter!

So, winter semester was a blast....but there are no blogs to show for it. aye yaye yaye!
here are some highlights:

disco skating for haley's birthday

lots of studying/napping
getting engaged
BYU sports
festival of colors

going home
Cordelia's Got Talent
haydn break dancing
hunter shooting things off Chris's head
easter in california

somewhere in there Chris turned 22 and i turned 21. yay for april babies.
and now we're back for spring semester. i'm taking classes and he's working. we're planning for a wedding and living happy in the spring sun...well, we're hoping for the spring sun in this utah weather :)