Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i am done waiting.

i waited 8 months while he was at BYU during my senior year of high school.
i waited six months for him to leave on his mission--because he broke his ankle and couldn't leave when he was called.
i waited 2 years while he served the Lord in Mexico.
during those two years i waited MONTHS at a time to receive letters because the mail situation was less than desirable.
i waited an extra month for him to get back in the United States--because he extended.
i've waited ANOTHER three weeks for Thanksgiving Break--because I can't afford to leave school and i wanted to give him a few weeks of transition time.
folks. the time has come. in a little over 24 hours i will be getting on a plane. that plane will take me to Atlanta, where i will get on another plane. and that plane will take me to Virginia. where chris redfern will be waiting for me.

Even though things have been off and on during each of these waiting periods. even though we have spent a lot of time apart and have a lot to catch up on. even though after all this i still have to wait another month and a half for him to come back to BYU. even though i can't promise what will or will not come out of all of this. one thing is for sure. tomorrow night. TOMORROW NIGHT. i will be reunited with one of my very very best friends. and no matter what happens, i will always love this boy. because he knows me better than most people ever will and his faith in me has given me motivation to be a better person.

i could pee my pants i'm so excited.

(this is us as babies)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


lately i've been having an overwhelming desire to change the world.
i want to make a difference.

there is so much more to life than the world portrays. my time would be better spent if i focused less on myself and more on others.

Monday, November 1, 2010

i'll be gone til november.

and give a kiss to my motha. i used to listen to this song last winter thinking november would never come. and now it's here.