Saturday, October 31, 2009

lil brudders

The other day i was telling Jane about my little brothers Hunter (7) and Haydn (3) and i remembered this funny story.  It just about made my day:

(Family is sitting at the dinner table getting ready to say the prayer)

Hunter: (whispers in Haydn's ear chuckling)
Haydn: Mumbles something really fast to Hanna and starts laughing
Hanna: What did you say?
Haydn: You have pretty eyes.....(starts laughing joke)
Hunter: No! (whispers in his ear again)
Haydn: oh....PSYPE!! (starts laughing hysterically again)
Family: (Trying and failing not to laugh so we can say a prayer)

Oh. I love and miss my brothers. They make me smile. Obviously Hunter was telling Haydn to say Psych.  It kills me that Haydn thinks Hunter is the funniest person on this earth, even when he doesn't understand his 


  1. hey bonnana
    i just found your blog via your fbook. yeah! we need to hang out cous! come down and see me sometime when you need a weekend escape! love you girl!

  2. ZINA! i just posted a blog that involved you. Haha. Yea! i want to visit you!