Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today is Chris' one year mark.
One year ago i went with him and his family to the MTC.
It was hard, but i managed to keep a happy face on. Okay, i may have started to tear up a little when i shook his hand (awkwardly) at the end after watching everyone in his family give him a big hug.  He couldn't/wouldn't look at me when he did.  But i kept it together...somehow.  I'm not really big on showing my emotions in public, it rarely happens.  But then again, this wasn't even our real goodbye.  It happened a few weeks earlier at his farewell when i flew back home.

That was only one of the many goodbyes we have said during the past three years.  Yet, love has only gotten stronger.  It's weird to think that i haven't seen, talked to,or  texted Chris in a year!  One year ago....that was my life!  I don't know how i have survived without him near.  But even though our relationship has changed its circumstances several times (together in high school, apart during college, together at home, apart during mission) the feelings haven't changed.  And that makes me SO happy.  i know that i love chris, i know that he loves me.  But right now we are putting that aside because he is currently serving a mission and I am finding myself/growing at BYU.  That is what needs to happen now.  And we have one year down, one to go!  Time is such a weird thing sometimes.

Sigh, Thats all i can write right now.

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