Wednesday, April 14, 2010

san felipe

Last week my favorite people in this world went to my favorite place in this world.

My family went to San Felipe, Mexico for their Spring Break. (without me). After spending time there two or three times a year for 14 years of my life, the lack of visits has left me with some SERIOUS withdrawals. Once we moved to northern california our trips to mexico became fewer and fewer. The last time I visited was at the end of my junior year in high school. Three years ago. THREE YEARS! please, take me back! i miss my childhood. So many memories at this place.

I miss waking up to this in the morning,

because we were sleeping on the porch to see it.

i miss watching this after dinner.

i miss finding things in the tide during the day.

i miss eating tacos back in town and buying random trinkets.
i miss riding 4-wheelers all over the dunes and trails.
i miss making sand castles.
i miss fireworks in the dark.
i miss looking for sea glass on long walks.
i miss kayaking as far out as i can before i get too scared to go any farther.
i miss the card games, the easter egg hunts, the turkey bowl soccer games on the beach....

but most of all, i miss my family. i miss laughing, joking, and just spending time with them away from the world.


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  2. Hanna somebody needs to have a serious talk with your father for leaving daughter behind! Shame on you Howard the Coward! BYU can be VERY lonely when everyone is off having fun without you.

  3. AGREED! someone should also tell howard the coward that it is okay for his daughter to visit home for a few days inbetween winter and spring semester!