Saturday, April 24, 2010

bring on the spring.

Love. love. lOVE.

(doodle of the day)

is the theme of 2010. everyone is getting married. EVERYONE. but that's just how it rolls at byu. Fall = the meeting. Winter = the engagement. Spring = the wedding. While I don't particularly see myself falling into this BYU trap, it happens to hundreds--HUNDREDS--every time. But hey, i'm happy for them. What's right is right...(let's just hope it's right).


(picture taken as soon as my last final was completed)

Winter Semester of 2010 is overrrr. can i get a woot woot? Hellooo Spring. Bring on the bathing suits, sunglasses, tans, and barefooted soccer matches in the grass...i am so ready. Still wishing there was a longer break between the two semesters, but hey, what can you do? Classes start again on Tuesday (which unfortunately is my birthday). I'm excited for the sun and warmth, not so much the continuation of classes.


(photo credit--Howard Bennion)

BUT. I do miss northern california very, very much. It has been four months. I just want to be with my family! I miss green valley! Hopefully I can find a weekend to squeeze a visit in.

and of course, foof.

(Elder Chris Redfern, serving in Tampico, Mexico)

my best friend in the entire world turned 21 on april 12th (12
days ago). Yea, yea...i didn't blog on time, what else is new? Happy late birthday ma dear. I remember when you turned 16. That was five years ago. Can you say crazzy?? i can. feliz cumpleanos a ti.

hanna marie


  1. Dang, Chris looks older. Yay for spring! Happy *early* birthday!!!! Hope it's a great day, you deserve it. Wish I could've seen you before I left.

  2. haha, that's funny because this picture was taken toward the beginning of the mission. But yes, he is starting to look older. Thanks girl! have fun at home! We will need to chat this summer! and see each other more often next fall!!!

  3. Yes, yes, yes.. Bring it on!!!!
    PS.. Adorable post:)

  4. Awww..I hope you fall into the BYU trap...step one already done...onto two and three next year! LOL!

  5. haha but the byu trap is when you meet them AT byu and marry them within a year. THAT's what i don't see happening to me :)