Thursday, November 12, 2009

the definition of hanna bennion.

the other day someone asked me to describe what kind of a person i was.  
I couldn't answer.  
Because i didn't know.
that made me think.  a lot.
I wish i could sit here and describe to you just what stereotype/personality i fit into.  Am i a sport freak? art fanatic? music junkee? math geek? shy? outgoing? lovable? intimidating? boring? crazy?
i have no idea.  I don't like to limit myself to one "type."  I feel that i am a different person when i am with different people.  BUt that doesn't make sense.  Maybe there are just too many sides to me, i like too many different things.  And therefore have several different friends that fit into each of these "categories" of people.
I am just hanna.
And very soon i will let you all know what that means.
For now, I am still pondering.

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