Monday, June 14, 2010

big steps in the bennion home

This weekend I flew home for the first time since Christmas; it was a very, VERY quick visit. It is a bittersweet experience to come back and see how much the family has changed. All my wittle babies are growing up! Anybody who is an oldest sibling can understand the natural "Big Sister Instincts" that i have always had growing up at home.
For those of you who are unaware, let me fill you in. As big sisters:
- we have (false) authority as a third parent...whatever we say is right, don't question it.
-we are convinced that we have taught our younger siblings everything they know...don't try to convince us otherwise.
-we display over-protective behavior...NO ONE messes with our younger siblings, that's our job, duh.
- -and here's the biggest Big Sister secret: we act like our younger siblings are annoying as if we don't care about their lives...In reality, we love them to death and sincerely want the most for them.
Now that everyone is on the same page, I would like to take this opportunity to brag about my own sibs. Because shoot dang, it has been a big month for the Bennion kids!

1. Haley Jenet graduated from Rodriguez High School. Whatt?? When did she grow up? She will always be the cute, stubborn, little tomboy who played street hockey with me in the backyard. I already have a sister that is graduating? That makes me feel old. I am so excited and anxious for my little sis to start figuring out the rest of her life. She has so much to offer!
2. Heidi Jayne turned the big SEVENTEEN on June 1st. I feel like it was just last year when she couldn't say her R's and would say her birthday was on 'june foyst.' But, she's about to be a Senior. It blows my mind. She's been counting down the days until college ever since I left, haha. Stop! Enjoy your time at home, girl!
3. Heather Lenore graduated from Middle School. She'll be in High School next year. I swear she grew up overnight. Swear it. When i left home she was still my baby sister who played with stuffed animals. All of a sudden she's a texting teenager with boy problems?? And she's the same size as me? I can't handle this!

4. Hunter Wood was baptized on Saturday. (The reason I went home for the weekend). My sweet, sweet little Hunter. It kills me that he is already 8 years old. Words cannot express how much joy i felt after watching him make the decision to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Tears. It was such a special experience, I wouldn't have traded it for the world.
5. Haydn Arthur graduated from Pre-School. My BABY is a little school boy? Not to be redundant or anything, but i can't handle this!! I was 16 when he was born, and yes i was in the hospital too. (It was my parents form of teenage birth control). He will always be my wittle baby.
Big stuff right? A lot of transitions. I am so proud of each one of my little H's. I love them more than they could ever know. But of course none of them could have been so great if it weren't for Howarde and Holly. me mom and dad. Dear rents, thanks for always being there. And for having great style too ;).
Love, Hanna Marie


  1. ummmm... i think that's your very rad mom and your very awesome dad in the kitchen of my avenida johanna house. ask 'em... i kind of don't know for sure, but it's looking very familiar to my 6 year old brain.

  2. I'm the second oldest of 8, oldest girl... I totally agree on the big sis stuff lol. My four youngest siblings come to visit me this Friday for a week! Can't wait to love on them:)

  3. Hanna, now you need to get your dad to understand the big sister thing about his oldest sister.

  4. I love how much you love your family.